Mediacal Billing – Benefits


An immediate rise in your collections and a stress-free billing cycle guaranteed!

Want to improve your collections? Let the experts take care of it for you.

It’s only after you engage with an efficient medical billing company that you will realize the difference and the impact it has on your accounts receivable.

An immediate rise in your collections and a stress-free billing cycle guaranteed!

At AMBNJ we are a team of experts who are dedicatedly focused on resolving all your medical billing related issues.

See those reimbursements actualize.

An efficient and effective medical billing company whose sole focus is to take care of all your medical billing issues will make sure that you see an immediate improvement in your collections.

Reimbursements come through when you let the right people take care of it.

We say take a cut! In your expenses.

A professional medical billing company knows how to do it right.

You will experience how it allows you to reduce overhead expenses such as salaries, taxes, maintenance agreements, medical billing software, claims submission fees, hardware and printing supplies.

Technical investments come with a cost

We say, dollars should be invested in business and not spent on avoidable overheads

At AMBNJ we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques in the medical billing industry. Our medical billing service incorporates latest software and technology needed to process your claims.

This gives you a chance to do away with technical overheads, hence saving your dollars.

Reduce training and staffing costs.

Fancy dreaming what will it be like, not having to worry about expenses!

Make it an everyday story with us by your side.

You no longer have to worry about upgrading your software or training your staff. Our professional staff at AMBNJ will be available to assist your office and train your staff on our system.

A piece of advice from us can give some peace of mind to you!

Yes, it’s that simple!

No matter how hectic it gets at work, with us by your side, you can sit back and relax! And rest assured that there is a medical billing team diligently working behind the scenes for you.

Our medical billing staff is always working towards making your life simpler.

Treat us as an extension of your office staff, working 24*7 to make sure your medical practice runs as smooth as possible.

AMBNJ is your partner and associate for all your medical billing related needs.

Imagine all your pending medical claims, reimbursements, unpaid bills under expert’s check!

Hmmm, thinking already what you are going to do with all that happy and stress-free time?

Let’s talk!