Mediacal Billing – Insurance Appeal


Accurate and on time delivery of service! After all its about recovering money
that belongs to none other than you!

With the right
blend of technology

and best in class infrastructure we at AMBNJ strive to achieve accuracy and efficiency in revenue cycle management. Our array of cost effective services makes sure that you see a substantial increase in your business while your operational costs go down, leaving a significantly positive impact on your account receivables.

For all the unpaid claims aged beyond a period of 25-30 days, we follow an aggressive approach to make sure you get what is due to you on time.
Considering, insurance company’s tight window for appealing claims and submitting paperwork we at AMBNJ make sure timely submission of all claims and the due follow-up without any time lag.

Any unpaid or underpaid claim that requires an appeal, gets taken care of with requisite paperwork filed well in time, in order to make sure the due claim amount gets paid.