Medical Billing – Reduce Overhead


Our aim is to take the burden off your head

Be it any business,
bottom line profitability does matter!

Now the question that arises is whether engaging your own staff for filing and claiming medical bills works better vis-a-vis hiring a professional service that is dedicatedly involved in medical billing business?

And hence it calls for some scrutiny.

Consider working out the costs involved in hiring full-time employees, including their salary, health care, training, and insurance costs.

And now compare it with the expenses involved with outsourcing your billing related work to a dedicated revenue cycle management company.

You will be amazed to see the huge cost advantage that you will have with us over an in- house billing staff. You’ll find that it is significantly cheaper to outsource your billing services.

A professional medical billing service exceeds an in-house staff in various aspects.

Up-to-date and up to mark

Billing services constantly work to keep their staff up to date on changing codes and insurance regulations, which significantly reduce the rejection and denial rates for claims. Keeping up with these dynamics can be challenging for a busy practice.

Quick turnaround

Processing high claim volume is no child’s play. Billing services see a faster turnaround from clearing houses than individual doctors

Seeing your insurance payments coming through in a span of 14-21 days instead of month or two is like a cherry on the cake!

This is difficult to achieve when you are using the already occupied in- house staff.

A dedicated service with expertise in this area does the trick!

99% error free claim submission

For all those claims that are returned from the clearinghouse, we work on it at the soonest. Correction and re-submission happens without a lag.

This seems like an arduous task when the in-house staff is expected to do the same alongside other routine office work.

Incentives that count

Medical billing services have a greater incentive to increase collections, since they are paid based on a percentage of the money they bring in.

In-house employees are typically paid the same salary regardless of the amount they collect.

This is where we score a point.

With a billing service company like ours you will see instant benefits with a significant rise in recoveries as well as savings, resulting in a much greener bottom line for your practice.

And not to miss the significant reduction in stress levels by getting away from all the hassle that goes into medical claims processing would be the bonus!

So, take that step and partner with us and let’s start saving you some money!