Accurate and timely submission of all your claims, guaranteed.

We are a certified HIPAA compliant.

We at AMBNJ deal with all your patient information with utmost care. We completely understand the criticality of your information. As a HIPAA regulations compliant we make sure to maintain high level of confidentiality to keep your data secure.

At AMBNJ, we work in a systematic way to effect the turnaround time.

For a whole spectrum of revenue cycle management services and medical billing related expertise look no further. You are at the right spot.

With focus on achieving 100 % accuracy, our staff at AMBNJ is always aiming at maintaining highest quality standards in delivering zero defect and satisfactory services to our clients.

We make it a point to submit all your insurance claims on time without any lag.

AMBNJ delivers efficiency without a compromise!

Who doesn’t like money flowing in?

No, we are not talking about some random magic working its way through.

But what we mean to say is that every business aims to achieve significant increase in their cashflows.

AMBNJ works aggressively toward pursuing your unpaid claims, with an outstanding record of reducing turnaround time we make sure you have your hard-earned money flowing in.

With AMB as your partner there is no chance of your cash sitting idle in your accounts receivable. We will see to it that it makes its happy way into your cash flow statement. And a little more than that.

A smile and sigh of relief.

At AMBNJ, all of it matters to us!

Technology lies at the core of AMB

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques in the medical billing industry.
Our technology landscape is built keeping into consideration the dynamic nature of our client’s business requirements.
All our primary and secondary claims are filed electronically.
With round the clock availability, our support teams at AMBNJ are always at your service striving to deliver the best!
Best in class infrastructure with 24*7 support, AMBNJ makes sure that its customers get a good night sleep along with the reigning sense of satisfaction.
You are on the top of our mind at all times!

If we say it, you can see it!

A detailed report that allows you to keep a track record of all your account receivables is always hitting a “get my daily report” away.

Apart from standard reports, we also provide facility to create customized reports that can be modeled to suit your business needs. At AMBNJ it is all about delivering quality service to our customers.

Take charge of your business growth and see it touching new pinnacles boosted by the expertise we offer.

Ease of tracking profitability on your fingertips. How about that!

How about dropping by?

You are most welcome!
As an extremely proud family we are more than happy to have you over to take a tour of our facility. It will not only give you a glimpse of what we do but how we do it!
For answers that you might be looking for, we say let’s connect.

A little head of time, always!

We are always up to date! We are known for our expertise. As subject matter experts when it comes to revenue cycle management services, it’s imperative that we stay on top of things. Information on compliance requirements of changes in government laws, rules & regulations and guidelines, we know it all to a T.

Learn, unlearn and Re-learn!

AMBNJ is learning and training its staff on a regular basis. We are a team of seasoned professionals that keep abreast with all the upcoming changes in the health care industry. With ICD-10, effective from October 2014, we are all up and ready with the new system in place. We can also train your staff and physicians with the latest to make sure your documentation is up to date.